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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: The Snowman & The Woman

September 15, 2016

Obviously this isn’t a current photo but it’s one I’ve always enjoyed because whenever I look at it different stories of its origin come to mind. The picture was taken mid-winter at Lake of the Isles which is one of Minneapolis’ city lakes (actor Josh Hartnett used to have a house on Lake of the Isles and Mary Tyler Moore’s TV house is located just a block away and Prince mentioned the lake in his song, Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Alive (And It Lives in Minneapolis”) and the reason I’ve always found the picture so interesting is because it’s a mystery to me what the woman in the picture is doing. What you see here is a pole frozen in the ice next to a fallen snowman and the snowman’s hat is resting on top of the pole. The mystery is the woman is wearing a dress jacket and she’s carrying her purse so she’s not dressed for a mid-winter hike around and over a frozen lake so what’s she doing out there in a lightweight jacket and no hat? What attracted her enough to walk out to the middle of the lake and check it out? I’ll never know, but I like thinking about it whenever I look at the picture.


I see clearly

September 15, 2016

I liked this and I thought it was worth sharing. In a negative world these are some very positive and uplifting thoughts and affirmations.


My eyes heal with ease and grace, in perfect reformation as my doctor and nurses watch with awe. My vision is flawless. Crystal clear like a diamond.

I have clarity as I walk forward into this next chapter in my life.

There is nothing obscured. My view is pristine with vivid color and distinct framework of every shape and character and object.

I am one with the source of all that I see. I am the source. I am connected to all I see and I gaze upon the bright, clear world with love. I accept the vision of my right and true path without fear of what lies before me.

The universe is perfection and presents to me exactly what I need to see to move along this venture. I do not deny what is in my sights. I accept and embrace without judgment or attachment. I am solid…

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Random Thought #22

September 13, 2016

So if two pastry chefs are arguing over the ingredients to a recipe, are they debakers?

“What is Aleppo?”

September 9, 2016

What is Aleppo?

Hint: It’s not the sixth Marx brother who decided to forego show business for a career in land development.

What is Aleppo?

And I guess one need look no further than Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson to know why no one takes third-party presidential candidates seriously. Or maybe I’m just being overly harsh and the reality lies somewhere between Gary Anderson is a person who is woefully unprepared, unqualified and unable to take on the responsibilities of president on the one end and humanitarian crises aren’t very high on the Libertarian party platform on the other. I’d hope it’s closer to the first. Although for all I know, maybe Libertarian non-interventionism extends to more than just war and includes things like genocide and human rights and the deaths of thousands of children?

So should every person be expected to know every city in Syria? No. Should a person running for president of the United States know about the Syrian civil war and where it’s being fought and what it’s doing to the world, not to mention methods in which that war is being fought and it’s impact on civilians and the world? Call me old-fashioned, but I kinda think, yeah, they should.

Athena melon

September 7, 2016

And athena a puddy tat.


Random Thought #21

September 4, 2016

John Kennedy is the first president I remember and of course his assassination is something anyone who was alive back then will never forget. I’ve read a little bit about JFK over the years but I never knew he was such a big coffee drinker. Yes, who knew, but it’s true. I just learned that after reading his book, “Profiles in Keurig”.

Random Thought #20

September 2, 2016

If I live across the street from the person who dispenses my medicine does that mean I pick up my prescriptions from a nearmacist?


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