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What’s that sound?

July 2, 2018

What’s that sound, is someone singing?

The 2018 baseball season is just about half over and it looks like the Minnesota Twins chances of seeing any postseason play are all over.

On the plus side, right now we’re in 2nd place in the American League Central division which makes being among the 10 worst teams in Major League Baseball a little easier to ignore.

On the negative side, we’re reminded (once again) that professional baseball in Minnesota is little more than a joke and that success on the field is left to luck.

On the positive side, maybe now someone, somewhere, will realize that 2017 was an aberration and that trusting Paul Molitor to manage a professional baseball team was a mistake.

On the negative side, there’s always 2019.

Now what’s that sound?



Making Black Bean Burgers

May 14, 2018

You know that feeling when you’re making Black Bean Burgers and you have the beans rinsed and drained and you have the onions and red pepper chopped and you have the ketchup and all the spices measured out and you have the pinch of cayenne pepper set aside in it’s honored place as “Final Ingredient and you go to add the oatmeal and . . .

and . . .

and . . .



and the next thing you know you’re looking at the floor and saying, “Oops”?

I have that feeling right now.

It’s a little frustrating because I was looking forward to the BB burgers and this would have been two dinners and two lunches but I guess it is what it is, right? This is a good time to take a deep breath and be content that I tried my best and just focus on aimlessness.



And if you like playing Where’s Waldo, that’s my big toe in the lower right corner of the picture.

Seneca the Younger

April 26, 2018

Do these two quotes from Greek philosopher Seneca contradict each other?

“The whole future lies in uncertainty: live immediately.”


“The man who has anticipated the coming of troubles takes away their power when they arrive.”


Random Thoughts #31: Crossword Puzzles

April 6, 2018

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from crossword puzzles (aside from Fils is a river in Germany and it snows in the Gobi desert) it’s that there are a lot of words with the same number of letters.

Wordle #190

April 3, 2018

From Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie comes Wordle #190

– Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem.
– The words can appear in an alternate form.
– Use the words in any order that you like.

1. Unthinkable «        7. Impasse «
2. Thread «                  8. Bride
3. Bend «                      9. Erudite «
4. Minatory                 10. Underneath «
5. Social «                    11. Scatter «
6. Pen «                        12. Thirst «

= = = =

Sometimes you reach an impasse and you realize it’s time to make a decision, and in my case that decision involves social media. Specifically, and as unthinkable as this might sound in today’s world, my decision involves leaving Facebook.

Not that Facebook isn’t fun, it is, and not that I don’t enjoy following all the conversational threads posted by my erudite and literate friends, I do, but underneath the fun I feel a thirst for something more, something real in the physical sense; something that goes beyond putting a virtual pen to a virtual wall, and you can only go so long ignoring that desire and allowing yourself to continue to bend to the lure of Facebook.

I don’t know about you, but for me the lure of Facebook has been strong and it took me a while to finally make the decision, but last Friday I deactivated my account thereby scattering all my friends – old and new – to the far reaches of however many corners the social media world holds.

I’ve blogged about this before and this isn’t the first time I’ve taken a Facebreak. We’ll see if it’s the first time I don’t go back.

Twins Tantrum

April 2, 2018

Here’s a baseball story that made me laugh.

Yesterday afternoon the Twins were finishing up a three game series in Charm City. We’re at one out in the bottom of the 9th inning and the Twins are up 7-0 so the game looks to be pretty much over. A lefty, Chance Sisco (tell me that’s not a cool baseball name), is at the plate for Baltimore and the Twins, playing with the thought that the hitter is going to pull the ball somewhere to the right side of the field, put on a defensive shift to the right which moved their third baseman over to the shortstop position leaving an enormous hole on the left side of the infield. Twins pitcher José Berríos throws a 92 mile-per-hour fastball and Sisco smartly drops a bunt down the third base line for a base hit. The bunt either rattled Berríos or sparked the Orioles because even though they didn’t score a run, they did manage to create a fair amount of drama by loading the bases before the Twins made the final out to end the game and preserve Berríos’ complete game shutout.

So the game ends and the Twins win and all is good, right? You’d think so, but the Twins weren’t happy with Sisco’s bunt and they took to Twitter to complain

From second baseman Brian Dozier: “Obviously, we’re not a fan of it. He’s a young kid. I could’ve said something at 2nd base but they have tremendous veteran leadership over there.”

From Twins starter, José Berríos: “I don’t care if he’s bunting. I just know it’s not good for baseball in that situation. That’s it.”

From Twins leftfielder Eddie Rosario: “Nobody liked that. No, no, no. That’s not a good play.”

Now there are a lot of unwritten rules in baseball and one of them is that you don’t bunt to break up a no-hitter but that wasn’t the case here. Berríos was pitching a shutout and going for a complete game but this wasn’t a no-hitter so what are the Twins whining about? And speaking of unwritten rules, there’s another unwritten rule that says a team doesn’t try stealing bases when they have a large lead which is exactly what Twins manager Paul Molitor had Byron Buxton do in the top of the 5th inning with the Twins up 6-0.

So, sadly, I guess my hometown nine, the Minnesota Twins, have proven that there is, in fact, crying in baseball.

I’m happy we won the game but not so happy with the embarrassing outburst.




The Ring (Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge)

April 2, 2018

The Carrot Ranch Literary Community, hosted by Charli Mills, is HERE.

March 29, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about fingers that fly. Think about the different ways we use our fingers and what happens when we add speed. Go where the prompt leads.

The Ring

One final look in the mirror on his way downstairs and the waiting limousine. Hair combed:  check. Tie straight: check. Looking like a man about to get married: check. Gary picks up his keys and reaches for the ring.

“Where the hell’s the ring?”

Nothing behind the dresser.

The limousine honks.

Drawers open, fingers flying, he rifles through underwear, socks and shirts.


Another honk.

The flicker under the bed catches his eye and when he bends down to pick up the ring from where it had rolled is when his pants tear.

“Jeanine is going to kill me.”



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