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Mix it up

May 21, 2022

The word of the day over at the Ragtag Daily Prompt is TEMPEST.

I kind of like anagrams even though I’m no good at them. Unless they’re small words, then I’m pretty good. Like “NO” is an anagram of “ON”. Or for something a little more advanced with three letters: “DAM” is anagram of “MAD”. I think playing Wordle has maybe been making me better at anagrams. Like did you know that “ASKEW” is an anagram of “WE ASK”? I do now.

Anagrams are like magic, no?

So here I am and I’m playing around with the Ragtag word today and wondering, what’s an anagram for “Ragtag Tempest” and I came up with “GAGTAR PETMEST” and “TEMPEST RAGTAG”.


So, my friends, who is Gagtar Petmest?

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