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A Sad Baseball Fan

May 23, 2016

Back in 1977 after a big brawl between the Minnesota North Stars and the Boston Bruins, Bruin John Wensink skated over the the North Stars bench, stopped five feet from the boards and threw his arms wide and challenged anyone on the bench to come out and fight him. Yesterday during the Minnesota Twins Toronto Blue Jays game at Target Field, Blue Jay outfielder Josh Donaldson, crossing home plate after hitting a home run, glared into the Twins dugout and allegedly spit in their direction. I’m not saying that anyone should have run out of the Twins dugout to fight Josh Donaldson (baseball is, after all, the gentleman’s game) but the incident made me think back to the pathetic team the North Stars were in the 70’s and compare that to how the Twins have been, are, and will be for heaven knows how long, every bit as lackluster, unmotivated, beaten and pathetic.

And while I’m also not saying that I think a baseball player should spit at the opposing team, I can’t help but wonder why we can’t have a player like Josh Donaldson on our team.


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