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For Whom the Taco Bell Doesn’t Toll

June 27, 2014

What’s that smell? Just Taco Bell.

I wouldn’t feed Taco Bell to a dog. Personally, I would rather pull off strips of my own flesh – without anesthesia – and feed that to a dog as opposed to feeding him Taco Bell. I know it would be healthier and more nutritious.

And speaking of nutrition: how about the new Quesarito? The Quesarito is some bizarre food hybrid that mixes a quesadilla and a burrito and tops it with sour cream and special rice and a yellow cheese sauce that looks like it was scooped up from a pan in a dysentery ward. The concoction boasts 650 calories with about half of those calories coming from fat. By my math (which I admit is frequently faulty even on a good day), putting aside the sprinking of trans fat in the thing, about 36% of those fat calories are from saturated fat. High in carbohydrates and sugar (who needs sugar on a whatever the hell a Quesarito is?) with a whopping 60 mg of cholesterol and enough sodium to fill an ocean, I can only hope that this unhealthy jumble of digestive distress comes in a wrapping that carries a warning similar to what’s on a pack of cigarettes.

The unhealthy and emetic properties of Taco Bell aside, I give them credit for having some fun commercials, and the Quesarito commercial is another fun one.

Here it is, enjoy!


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  1. June 27, 2014 11:36 am

    Gee Michael, LOL, tell us how you REALLY feel about Taco bell! KFC has a few things that are over-the-top with fat and calories too – that “sandwich” that’s just bacon and cheese between two breaded, deep-fried pieces of chicken that would mostly only appeal to men and most woman wouldn’t ever seriously entertain ordering even though I like all the components – but in MODERATION!! Let’s not leave out McDonalds with that breakfast sandwich wrapped between two pancakes (or is it waffles?), whatever. Another thing I won’t be eating any time soon. I’ve lost almost 40 lbs. since Jan 1st by eating healthy and riding my a$$ off (literally) on my stationary bike and fast food is a distant memory to me. Sure I crave it occasionally – what food devil sitting on our shoulders doesn’t prod us now and again with thoughts of fat, sugar, and all things nutritionally sinful. I may indulge again some day but knowing what I know about the nutritional information of fast food I won’t be indulging in a Whopper/Big Mac/Teenburger/KFC with a large fries and containing more than my whole day’s allotment of calories/Points any time soon. It would now be a cheeseburger and a small fries or onion rings or hopefully a side SALAD if the angel on my other shoulder has any say in the matter if I MUST give in to craving, LOL. So far I have been a good girl for 6+ months and loving the evolving new (re-emerging former?) me that I haven’t seen for a lot of years. I’m 3 sizes smaller already and still shrinking and when I get on a plane in August those, shrinking seats will feel a whole lot roomier than they did the LAST time I flew. Some people eat to live and I used to be one of the ones that lived to eat. Now I eat better to live LONGER and I am proud of my accomplishments (and determination) so far.


  2. June 27, 2014 12:09 pm



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