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Post Oscar Thoughts

February 25, 2013

Why did the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decide to rebrand the Academy Awards as “The Oscars”? I don’t hate it but I think “The 85 th Annual Academy Awards” sounds better than, “The Oscars” and I wonder why it was necessary.

I never watch the Oscars beyond the opening segment so my post-Oscar thoughts are limited to the opening segment and here they are. Seth MacFarlane: I’d never heard of him before last night but I thought he was very good. He sang about boobs, he danced, he got to make out with Sally Field and a lot of his jokes made me laugh. I’m not sure what else I could have asked for in an opening segment. The appearance of Captain Kirk was a great bonus.

I read this critical article this morning accusing MacFarlane’s opening as being too self-indulgent but I didn’t see it. Maybe that’s because all I care about when watching an Oscar show’s opening segment is that it entertain me, which this did, so maybe that makes me self-indulgent? If so, oh well.

That’s it. That’s my review of the 85th Annual Academy Awards aka The Oscars.

While I don’t watch the award show, I do watch the red carpet show before the show so I can see all the stars and I was very disappointed with Jennifer Aniston’s dress last night. Red is as good of a color as any, I don’t care about that, but why was the back of the dress so big and fluffy and what’s the deal with covering up nearly every inch of her body? Whoever this Valentino designer guy is, someone needs to tell him that it’s okay to show a little ankle or leg. Jennifer was there with Justin Theroux who was wearing a plain tuxedo (that looked like it could have used an iron) but who cares about him or his silly tuxedo anyway?


Picture used without permission from Hopefully they don’t get mad.

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