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Just for an hour

December 20, 2022

Today is Tuesday and it’s Fandango’s 77th Story Starter. He provides the start and the rest is up to us.

The sun was setting over the lake, painting the sky in a mix of orange and gold, and the air was filled with the sound of crickets singing, when suddenly

it all went away.

Gary opened his eyes, rolled over and turned off the alarm.

It was the sign that had caught his attention: You’re Stronger Than You Think.

Gary didn’t think himself to be very strong which is why he had joined the gym two months ago. And despite following the exercise plan he’d read in the July issue of Men’s Fitness, the article that originally planted the exercise bug in his head, he still didn’t feel any stronger.

Gary threw back the covers and sat on the edge of the bed and stretched. He stood and, barely awake, walked down the hall to the bathroom, the five words marking his steps.

You’re Stronger Than You Think

Forty-five minutes later Gary opened the door to Total Effect Fitness and stepped inside. His trainer, Dennis, was leaning against the check-in counter and he smiled and walked up to greet him.

“Welcome to boot camp, Gary,” he said. “I’m glad you decided to try.”

“Hey, good morning.”

“There’s seven other folks back there this morning so c’mon, let’s get started, alright?”

Gary followed Dennis wondering if it was alright. Wondering if he should really be here. Wanting to believe he should be here.

When they reached the group exercise room at the back, Gary saw the seven other people standing around – men and women – and like him, none of them looked to be in the best of shape and they all looked a little unsure. Gary took a deep breath and thought that maybe he could pretend he was a little stronger than he thought. Maybe just for an hour.

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  1. December 20, 2022 11:38 am

    Good story 🙂


  2. December 20, 2022 1:39 pm

    Every little bit helps but getting started is always the hardest part.


  3. December 20, 2022 3:08 pm

    I have faith in you, Gary. 💪


  4. December 21, 2022 2:02 am

    Nice take on the starter.🤗


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