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Write the book

December 11, 2022

In 1980 I was living seven blocks from a record store called Oar Folkjokeopus (pronounced just like it’s spelled: Folk/Joke/Opus). The store’s walls were covered with posters of bands (mostly punk) and the floor was filled with row after row of albums and 45s, both new and used. There was always music playing in the store and it was at Oar Folk where I was turned on to a new music scene because it’s where I discovered Minneapolis bands The Replacements, and Husker Du, and The Suburbs, and The Pistons.

The store was managed by a guy named Peter Jesperson who was the co-founder of Twin Tone Records. Twin Tone was the label that signed and produced, among a lot of others, but most notably, The Replacements and Grammy winner Soul Asylum. The label is credited by many with being the label that put the ‘Minneapolis Sound’ on the map.

I used to spend a lot of time there, buying records and selling them back and buying more.

For this week’s prompt of Power Pop at Jim’s Song Lyric Sunday I chose a band that I discovered at Oar Folk. The band is Rockpile and the album is Seconds of Pleasure from 1980. The album was playing over the store’s stereo one Sunday when I was shopping for whatever looked good to listen to that week. I went home with the album and spent the next week listening to little else. The song I chose is When I Write the Book. It’s not the hardest rocker on the album, but I like the melody and I like the lyrics for somewhat obvious reasons. The songwriting credit on the song, as well as on five other songs on the 12- track album, is credited to Nick Lowe along with the rest of the band.

When I Write the Book

Well, I can remember like it was only yesterday,
love was young and foolish like a little child at play.
But oh how lovers change, I never dreamed how easily.
But now I’m just a shadow of the boy I used to be.

Oh yeah, yeah.

And when I write the book about my love,
it will be about a man who’s torn in half.
About his hopes and ambitions wasted through the years.
The pain will be written on every page in tears
oh when I write, oh when I write the book about my love.

I was a fool to myself when I kept on runnin’ around.
And I fared little better when I tried settlin’ down.
Maybe some magic moment, I’ve never known one, not for long.
For all too soon the magic was in a moment gone.

Oh yeah, yeah.

And when I write the book about my love
it’ll be a heartbreaking story about love and luck.
When I get down on the pages all I felt
it will make the hardest-hearted of critics’ hearts melt.
When I write, oh when I write the book about my love.

When I was young love was fun and I was so happy.
I looked so good and I dressed so snappy.
Two-tone shoes on my feet, big old smile on my face,
as I moved and grooved all over the place.
Now I’m down in the heels and my complexion is bad
because my luh, love life is sadder than sad.

But when I write the book about my love
It’ll be a pop publication, tougher than tough.
When I get down on the pages all I missed
It will shoot to the top of the best-sellers list.
When I write, oh when I write the book about my love.


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  1. December 11, 2022 9:40 am

    Is that place still open. Only visited there one time…not my part of the cities, and then I had kids!
    Fun piece of memory!

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  2. December 11, 2022 10:17 am

    Minneapolis did have its own Sound and I like this music. I heard of Rockpile, but I don’t think I know any of their songs. This one is very nice, thanks for sharing it, Michael.

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