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Small Business Saturday (or the day after the day after Thanksgiving)

November 26, 2022

Yesterday I wrote about The Day After Thanksgiving, which was a fun little poem, and today I’ll just make brief mention of Small Business Saturday. If you miss “Main Street” and the mom-and-pop bakery, or the hardware store, or the bookstore that looks and smells like a bookstore, or if you’ve ever wondered what that small grocer or specialty store sell, check out one of those local brick and mortar stores sometime today. These business struggle in the best of times, and right now we’re not in the best of times so these local businesses, and our neighbors who operate them, need our help. And no better way to do that than to spend some of our holiday dollars with them.

I like big box stores and online retailers as much as the next person, but dollars spent locally in your community really do help.

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