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Oh dam

November 10, 2022

Years ago I went to Las Vegas with a friend. It was my first time there and I’m not really a gambler and I’m not crazy about buffets (something about the thought of 100 people handling the same serving utensil I have to handle kind of turns me off), so other than walking through the casinos on the strip with the thought of turning my pennies into hundreds of dollars, and being away from the same old thing for a long weekend, the trip was just ok. The best part of the trip for me was when we rented a car and drove out to the Hover Dam. I thought that was pretty cool and if you ever go to Las Vegas I’d recommend a side trip to the Hover Dam.


It’s the Hoover Dam. The word of the day at the Ragtag Daily Prompt is Hover. Sorry, my mistake.

What did the fish say when he swam into a concrete wall (not unlike the Hoover Dam)? Dam.


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  1. November 10, 2022 11:32 am

    Ha. Where’s my cookie?

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  2. November 10, 2022 1:31 pm

    You are so funny.

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  3. November 10, 2022 1:53 pm

    lol I was going to spell check Hoover Dam but kept reading… nice one.

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  4. November 11, 2022 1:30 pm

    Cute, Michael B. And clever, too.

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