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June 7, 2022

I read the book Butcher’s Crossing I don’t remember how many years ago. I thought it was a very good book and if I wrote book reviews, I would review it here for you all.

I would start with: I thought Butcher’s Crossing was a very good book.

[I would try and share some reasons why I thought it was a very good book, and then I would try and include a brief summary of the story. I would try and add some highlights of the story without giving away the climax, and I would try and find a way to end the review on a pleasant note]

The reason I mention this is because I went to Facebook yesterday and Facebook was kind enough to show me a memory for June 6, 19whateveryearitwasthatIreadButcher’sCrossing. The memory was a quote from the book that I had shared. I liked the quote back whenever and I liked it just as much yesterday so I thought I would share it here..

To put things into a little context, the book takes place in the late 1800’s and the quote refers to a young mane who was unhappy with his life and had traveled west to try and find himself and some meaning.

“It was a freedom and a goodness, a hope and a vigor that he perceived to underlie all the familiar things of his life, which were not free or good or hopeful or vigorous. What he sought was the source and preserver of his world, a world which seemed to turn ever in fear away from its source, rather than search it out.” John Williams, Butcher’s Crossing

Make of it what you will.

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