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Isn’t that the way

April 26, 2022

Over at the Ragtag Daily Prompt the word for today is MELODRAMA

(I tagged this as poetry/poem but I’m not really sure that it is)

We started out romantic.
We soon turned melodramatic.
We tried to remain pragmatic but lost all sense of ourselves.

We both made our tearful cases.
We both covered all the bases.
We both let love trace its way out of our hearts and from our lives.

Our goodbyes were so very unkind.
Our emotions packed tight and primed.
Our hearts we left behind and went in search of something better.

I saw her once years after.
We shared some smiles and laughter
I felt a shaft or spear of hot sorrow cross my heart.

Life’s decisions are innumerous.
Struggling with uncertainty
we do the best we can
making plans while gods laugh
at our bargains and promises.
With luck we adapt and survive.

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