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How ’bout them Twins

April 14, 2022

It’s way too early in the season to say the Twins are pathetic, but this isn’t looking to be a good team. Yeah, the first four games, playing against a team predicted to be about as good as we’re supposed to be, were fun – even if we did struggle, at home, to win two of those games. But bring in an elite team like the Dodgers and boom, we’re outscored 14-2 in two non-competitive and embarrassing losses.

As for me, it’s not too early in the season to conclude that (over)manager Rocco Baldelli does know what a bullpen is, he just hasn’t figure out how it works yet. I think this will be a long year and one better suited for evening walks outdoors, or vacuuming, cleaning, movies, sleeping, or pretty much anything than Twins games on the couch.

While I’m not holding out much hope for this season, I do have one wish and that’s for Twins management and the media to stop trying to sell us on Miguel Sano. We’re not dumb, and we pay attention. We’ve been watching for these past eight years as Sano has continued to fail. We saw him set an MLB record as the fastest player to reach 1,000 career strikeouts. Bad as he was, we saw his performance get even worse over the last two years after signing his 3-year extension. We can’t help but have seen his 21 plate appearances this year that have resulted in zero hits. Stop telling us that he’s worked on his swing. That he’s worked on his plate discipline. That he’s lost 25 pounds. The reality is that he can’t hit, he can’t field, and he can’t run. And he’s keeping other players out of the lineup. Thankfully this will be his last season in a Twins uniform, it’s just too bad it’s looking to be such a long one.

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