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July 28, 2021

As much as I love animals. Strike that because I just remembered squirrels.

As much as I love most animals — ok, wait, I should explain.

It’s not that I hate squirrels or don’t love them, but they’re not my favorite animal because they’re just weird. And I don’t know if mosquitos and flies are considered animals but I really don’t like them. Mosquitoes for obvious reasons and flies because they’re filthy. I guess I don’t care too much for mice and rats either even though rats are supposed to make good pets, I don’t know. And rabbits, they’re ok because they’re cute but why don’t they run away from me? I’m walking down a path and there’s a rabbit on the path. The rabbit sees something that’s 100 times his size and rather than run away he just turns and looks the other way. Hello? By the time the rabbit finally does run away I’m close enough to (assuming I was a predator animal with strong legs and an empty stomach) pounce on him and turn him into stew.

I guess I’m also not very fond of Canada geese and those wild turkeys I see everywhere.

Let’s start over. Just as soon as I remember what I wanted to say so give me a sec.


Even though I have a fondness for a number of animals, I’m not a fan of zoos. Yeah, it’s cool to see gorillas and giraffes and monkeys and elephants (especially elephants), but I don’t like that the animals are being held in confinement and in unnatural environments. Animals don’t do well zoos, and maybe I’m projecting, but they look sad. Their eyes look sad. And something that might make us all sad is that animals in those zoo environments can develop zoochosis.

Having said all of that, I think if I lived in a city that had a zoo with a pander– ok, I need to rephrase that.

While the Minnesota zoo did have a red pander, Min, that sadly died just a few weeks ago, it’s the giant pander that I find interesting and would like to see, and I think if I lived in a city with a zoo that had a giant pander bear, or maybe a dragon, I might go and visit.

Could you imagine if I did go to a zoo and tried to free all the animals? That would be sheer pandermonium.

Written for Your Daily Word Prompt for July 28: PANDER

I just went back for a quick proofread and you know what? I think I maybe could have possibly misread the YDWP word.

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  1. July 28, 2021 12:29 pm

    hahah! You crack me up. This was too fun. But, seriously, I am not a fan of zoos, either.

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