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June 27, 2021

As a kid I played the game Strat-O-Matic
which rhymes with this prompt word pragmatic.
You’d throw strikes and catch balls
and make manager’s calls.
When I got bored it went into the attic.

I’ve stopped thinking about pragmatism
Gonna re-watch John Wayne’s movie Chisum.
It may not be fact,
but that doesn’t distract
from the Western’s bold romanticism.

If you’re pragmatic what do you believe?
I won’t lie now or try to deceive:
I have no idea,
does that make me bad? Gee, uh…
If it does I would be misperceived.

A pragmatist once said to me,
“I think you should do it thusly.”
I knew not what to say,
so my thoughts I did weigh,
then I poured us a glass of Chablis.

Why didn’t I pour Chardonnay?
Good question, I really can’t say.
Thinking of Lewis’ Babbitt
I just reached out and grabbed it
never thinking of the cool Cabernet.

A Cabernet comes from Bordeaux.
It’s good for muscle aches and lumbago.
Don’t drink it too quickly
or you will get sickly
and wake up thinking your Vincent van Gogh.

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