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The rewrite

June 21, 2021

Love is like a fine and tasty meal; you have to season it just so, and with not too heavy of a hand.

Julie crumpled up the sheet of paper, tossed it on the floor and said, “Seriously, Paul, this is absolutely horrible and… and it may be the worst first line I’ve ever read and… and I can’t believe that you actually think an editor will accept a simile like that… or that anyone wouldn’t ask for their money back after reading that love needs to be seasoned ‘just so’”.

“It’s just a first draft, and there’s always the revisions and—”

“Forget revisions, how about the ‘re-I-should-tear-this-up-and-think-of-something-else-ions?”

“You’re a harsh critic, my dear, but I love you like a pan seared salmon filet with a well-seasoned beurre blanc and candied parsley.”

“You and your beurre blanc are making me sick my tasty meal love!”

For Girlie on the Edge‘s Six Sentence Stories for June 20th.


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