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Say what?

June 6, 2021

I used to work with this guy, Greg, who was sort of goofy in some ways. He wasn’t stupid, just sort of goofy. When he became upset with what he was working on at work he didn’t get frustrated, he would say that he’s flustrated. A brilliant (or goofy?) portmanteau of frustrated and flustered.

Greg was an engine buff so in his spare time he would always be working on motors. His cars, lawnmowers (which he would buy, fix and sell) and boat motors. He would talk about engines a lot – which is riveting conversation to someone whose only knowledge about engines of any type is that 1) you need a key to start them, 2) they need gas to run, and 3) Casey Jones (in not particularly good condition) drove one.

Apparently working on engines is somewhat complex because in Greg’s Monday stories of whatever part of whatever engine that was supposed to do whatever but wasn’t whatevering, he would talk about the whole rigarole. I can only imagine how ‘flustrating’ that was.

Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is Rigmarole which made me think of rolls (dinner and sweet) and Greg.

And Whac-a-Mole because I apparently think in rhymes a lot.

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  1. June 7, 2021 7:44 am

    Lol you certainly enjoy humor. Donna

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