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Round and round

June 4, 2021

When I saw the RDP word for today I immediately thought of the movie Carousel. That’s probably because the prompt word for today is “carousel”.

Funny how the mind works.

Carousel is an OK musical. It was never my favorite but I can’t really say why. I’m not sold on all of the music but enough of it is good and who doesn’t like Shirley Partridge? To say the story is depressing would be an answer but it’s really no more depressing than any other musical. Who knows?

Funny how the mind works.

Here’s something you might not find interesting. I used to work in a paint store. It was a small Sherwin Williams store in the middle of small strip mall and the store manager’s name was Walter. Like all paint stores there were a lot of those paint sample strips. You’ve more than likely seen the paint sample strips I’m thinking of so you know what I’m talking about. They’re like 2″ by something like 8″ and they show a number of different shades of the same color on the strip so you can hold them up against your wall because everyone knows that a 1.5″ x 1″ swatch of color – possibly a swatch of color that’s been faded by sitting under fluorescent light and sunlight – will give you a great idea of how your 14′ x 16′ bedroom will look coated from floor to ceiling in that color. All of the colors on the paint sample strip are labeled with odd, proprietary, names like maybe ‘plumvomit pink’, ‘winter sundown pink’, ‘thinned blood pink’, or ‘gumball green’, ‘dead grass green’, ‘ate too many donuts and feelin’ green’. You get the idea. At the store we had a lot of those paint sample strips. Most of them were kept in a rack on the wall, like a magazine rack, but sized just for paint sample strips, but there was also a semi-large metal carousel on the main counter to hold paint sample strips.

Who knows why there was a metal carousel on the main counter to hold paint sample strips?

Funny how the marketing mind works.

Anyway, because this was a small store in a small mall there were never a lot of customers so there was a lot of sitting around and straightening displays and putting misplaced paint sample strips back into their correct pocket on the wall rack that was like a magazine rack only for paint sample strips. Walter, when there wasn’t anything to straighten or replace or dust, and when sitting and looking out at a parking with no cars grew unbearably boring, would announce: “Well, I’m going to stock the sample carousel”.

Have at it, pal.

Funny how the bored mind works

I worked there through a summer and into the next school year so probably four or five months. Unloading trucks with cases of gallons of paint wasn’t anything I liked doing.

Carousels go around and around. Remember Edgar Winter? He did a song called Round & Round. A young me who unloaded cases of paint from the back of trucks and thought someone saying he was going to stock the sample carousel was odd liked this album a lot and thought that this verse was really profound:

Our life is short to be so long
Our minds are weak to be so strong
Alone together we come and go
But where we’re goin’ I don’t know

An older me saw it as sort of goofy but a good rhyme but still a great song. Honestly, a really great album.

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  1. June 13, 2021 7:49 am

    Funny thing about paint: who knew there were so many shades of the same color–like white. We had our our painted last month. Just the trim; the house is brick. I went to the paint store because I wanted a white paint. Not a warm white; not a cool white. Just a ‘clean’ white. After looking through a gazillion strips of white paint, with the store’s therapy dog nearby (I kid you not!), the store owner comes over and says, “Why not just use out-of-the-can white? It has no other color added.” And that’s what I used. It looks so nice and clean. Surprise, surprise… Now, I’m looking at gray for the kitchen cabinets. Wish me luck.


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