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Relationships (WotD)

May 30, 2021

I like writing prompt challenges. Sometimes they trigger something immediately and sometimes they trigger nothing. Sometimes they lead me to write something I like and sometimes they produce gibberish.

Then there are times when the word is interesting but it doesn’t trigger anything when that happens I look for anagrams for the word(s).

This morning’s Word Of The Day Challenge word is “RELATIONSHIP“.

Hmmm. Kind of difficult to write about them when you don’t have any.

I take that back, I’m not a complete recluse, so I have them, I just don’t have many. And the ones I’m thinking about right now, I’m not particularly interested in writing about so early on a Sunday morning so it’s time to turn to anagrams…

Anagram #1
Hairline Stop” Mine stopped many years ago. In fact it did worse than stop, it started to run away. I used to know someone who was completely bald at 20. He was a jerk and his hair probably didn’t like him any better than I did. Going bald bothered me when I was younger because it was more than an early sign that I was growing order. I liked having long hair and odd as it might sound, I liked getting haircuts. This was way before the haircut chains when there were actual neighborhood barbershops (think Floyd the Barber from the Andy Griffith Show) that you would walk to because it was only two blocks away, and you’d walk in and the barber would know your name (think Cheers) and the barber (for some reason I seem to remember his name was Steve?) would welcome you to have a seat. Sometimes you’d recognize the other guys sitting in the other seats waiting their turns and you might talk and it wasn’t uncomfortable because they weren’t strangers or anything, they were just guys, like you, waiting for a haircut. And other times you’d just grab the paper or a magazine and read until it was your turn. Maybe you’d have a cigarette because we all smoked back then. The barber always had lots of things to talk about and I wonder if he ever got bored talking about the same things with a dozen guys a day. Now I cut my own hair every few weeks with a Conair electric clipper and it takes about two minutes. There’s no neighborly recognition, or newspaper, or waiting, and clean-up is kind of a pain. As is trying to get the bottom of my hair at the back straight.

I shaved my head back in April of last year when boredom from the COVID lockdown was reaching uncomfortable heights of boredom. I figured it was the perfect time because if it looked bad then no one would see it. I’m not sure that it looked bad, in fact I kind of liked it. I liked the feel of it, but I never got completely used to it. I finally let it grow back and find another way to beat the boredom before I started shaving my eyebrows.

Anagram #2
A Shinier Plot” This what I need right now.

If you remember this song then you remember good old fashioned barbershops –

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  1. May 30, 2021 6:40 am

    Ha! Love how you turned this prompt around and made it your own.

    Liked by 2 people

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