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Truly frightful, that weather

December 23, 2020

Nothing against Christmas, or a white Christmas, but you know what happens when enough people wish long enough for a white Christmas?

You get snow.

And you know what happens when that snow is really bad?

You get a blizzard.

From a Google search of “Blizzard Minneapolis”

I just went out for a little walk and the keyword here is “little”. It’s very windy and I got tired of snow blowing in my face. Oddly enough, when I turned around after two minutes and headed back, the snow was still blowing in my face. Novice weather forecaster that I am I can tell you in less than 0.37 seconds that this is sure ’nuff a blizzard. I know the National Weather Service has their own definition of a blizzard, but so do I —

Blizzard: when the snow blows in your face regardless of which direction you’re walking and makes you feel very uncomfortable and you wonder why you’re not watching TV and eating chocolate chip cookies.

So there you have it.

All things being equal, and ignoring the fact that this is dangerous and is going to be a tremendous hardship for a lot of people for a lot of different reasons, the bright side of this – and I’m always looking for the bright side because I’m just <cough> that kind of guy – is that people fewer people will be able to go out on Christmas Eve and maybe Christmas Day which might make for a slightly less than satisfactory Christmas holiday, but will help prevent the unnecessary spread of everyone’s favorite 2020 virus.

That’s all from my neck of the woods for now (woods that you can’t see because snow is blowing in every which way direction).

If you’re reading this please enjoy the holiday. Health, happiness and peace to you and your family.

And if you’re not reading this, but picking up on it telepathically then —

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