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What I Saw Today: 08/07/20

August 7, 2020

What I saw today.

I saw this laughing tree today. A very old – and I’m guessing maybe very wise – laughing tree.

I think he’s probably also a very strong laughing tree because you can see that he lost his left eye somewhere along the line. A battle with another tree? It’s not unusual for trees to go into battle if necessary, although I’m not sure if they fight other trees. I think they might just fight the people, simple folks like you and I, who might want to discover the secrets of the forest they guard. Don’t laugh, guardian trees aren’t unheard of. Just check out The Wizard of Oz if you think I’m making this up. Not the movie, those were weird apple trees, but the book, where the fighting trees are a little more violent and scary.

I suppose this old tree is both wise and strong for having lasted so long and for having avoided both ax and camera-wielding visitors. Anyway, he’s laughing, which is a good thing. They say it’s good to laugh. Take this quote for example:

“Hahahahaha! Ahh . . . that was good.” – someone who laughed

If you like taking pictures of the things you see please share a link to your blog in the comments so I can go and see what you saw.

Laughing tree

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