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Four O’clock (Carrot Ranch)

January 28, 2020

From Charli Mills at the Carrot Ranch is this week’s challenge.

In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a park bench. Use this gif to choose a timeframe and write the story behind that particular scene. Use the time as your title. Go where the prompt leads!

Click here to read stories or to join in with one of your own.

Four O’clock

A morning walk. Four O’clock, before the realities of the day begin shining on the concrete of downtown.

The busses haven’t started running yet so the streets are quiet. Marquette Avenue is lined with bus shelters and it’s in the 6th street shelter that I see him every morning. You know what he looks like 4because you’ve seen him, or someone like him, before. They’re generally invisible, but when they’re asleep on a bus bench at four in the morning, they stand out.

I walk over, step into the shelter and leave a package of Hostess cupcakes for him.



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  1. January 29, 2020 8:45 pm

    Something sweet to ease the pain of hunger to belong. What a keen observation, that the homeless are harder to ignore asleep as if we finally recognize their vulnerability. Well done.

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