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Free write

December 9, 2019

I took a writing class once a long time ago and the teacher had us begin each class with a five minute free write. I didn’t like it or hate it, it was just OK.

Confession: sometimes I didn’t do the free write and I just sat there doodling for the five minutes while thinking about nothing in particular. My justification for that was that I figured I only had so much time to write before my hand would start to hurt (this was before the age of laptops) and I didn’t want to waste the time on a free write. I wanted to save it for the meat and potatoes of the class.

I think there might be some debate as to whether or not it’s “free write” or “freewrite” but don’t take my word for it.

I thought I’d take some time today to free write a little bit and see if that didn’t help unfreeze my brain. I’ll try a free write for five minutes and see what happens.

Here goes . . .

12-09-19 free write – It’s been snowing lightly all day and I pretty much hate it. People can’t drive when it snows. Winter sucks and it’s just started.

The end.

I didn’t quite make the five minutes.

Confession: I never really intended to free write for five minutes. Hopefully that doesn’t make me a liar.

I’m going to go watch some music videos. For what it’s worth, except for the acrobatic flips, when I was younger I could dance like the folks in this video.

Confession: I could never dance like the folks in that video.

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