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Doug’s Basement

April 26, 2019

I recently discovered the Ragtag Daily Prompt blog and it’s just what the name says. Today’s prompt word is: RASH. Click it and play along.


Doug’s Basement

Doug put the needle down on E Pluribus Funk and “Footstompin’ Music” boomed from the 10” Advent speakers. Don Brewer’s drum laying down a path for Mark Farner’s blistering organ. He sat back and lit a joint, took a hit and passed it over to Keith. “I don’t like Rash, man,” he said.

“Who does,” Keith said. Not willing to pass up an opportunity to tease his friend he blew out the smoke and said, “You been hanging out with Lu again, huh? You know she’s got cooties, man, so don’t be surprised you got a rash.” He took another hit and passed it back to Doug.

“What are you, like 10? That shit isn’t even real, man. Cooties. And no, I ain’t been with her. And what’s that even got to do with Rash?”

“I don’t know. You know she’s got a reputation, right? Been with a lot of guys, right?”

“I’m not talking about Lu, man. I’m talking about Rash. I heard ‘em on the radio and they sound like Zeppelin, man. And not even a very good impersonation. That singer–”

“You mean Rush?”


“Rush. Like that Working Man song?

“Is that their name?”


“Huh, I thought it was Rash. Well, they still suck and they ain’t no Zeppelin.”

“Nobody’s Zeppelin, man. You gonna hold that thing all night or you gonna smoke it? And turn the stereo up, will ‘ya?”


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