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It’s Elemental

April 4, 2019

Sometimes, no matter how much you like writing prompts and how often they trigger a story idea, you have a day where they just don’t work and you’re stuck and idea-less.

When I saw that prompt word – AIR – that’s what happened to me: idea-less. All the writing I may have done in the past week or month is meaningless because in my mind, swirling around in the miasma of stinky perfectionism, I feel like I’ve taking a gigantic step backward and that I’m back at air one and that creatively, I’m hanging out there and coasting along on a wing and a air. That’s where I’m at today and I’ll tell ‘ya, it’s left me feeling as mad as a March air.

In situations like this I think it’s best to simply take a break from the whole affair, stand up, stretch and go outside for some fresh air.

For the picture prompt the one titled, “Frigid”, which you can see at The Haunted Wordsmith blog by clicking here, well, I had a good story idea for that that included snow and ice and winter and cold and all that mean and nasty stuff, along with a couple of zombies who were impervious to the cold, but after looking at all that picture with all that snow and ice the idea slipped my mind. I guess the lesson here is that when you’re in one of these moods there’s just snow way out.

Oh, what did the lovelorn snow say to the avid skier? I’ve fallen for you.

And what did the avid skier reply back to the snow? I’ve missed you snow much.

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  1. April 5, 2019 1:45 am

    Don’t let ‘nothing’ detour you, Michael.. Fun plays.

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