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The Things We Say (Six sentence story)

March 19, 2019

GirlieOnTheEdge is a clarklike female who hosts the “Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt” blog hop. You can read about it, and play along, by just clicking this link: Six sentence story prompt.


= = = =

“If you leave don’t come back.”

“Hey, relax, it’s not you, I just need to go for a drive, clear my head, OK?”

“Screw your head, you leave then don’t have to come back, I don’t want you to come back.”

The guy blew right through the light at Jackson. I never saw him, never had a chance to break or swerve or tell Chrissy I loved her, and the last anyone saw of me was an undertaker who told Chrissy the casket should remain closed.

I guess the moral of the whole thing is to be careful what you ask for.




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  1. March 19, 2019 12:54 pm

    Hey A story is at its most interesting when the narrator is already deceased.

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  2. March 19, 2019 12:59 pm

    Sad 6 but really good!

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  3. March 19, 2019 2:52 pm

    Whoa! Now that’s a six and a half! Great write!

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  4. March 20, 2019 8:48 am

    A good reminder for us all.

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    • Michael B. Fishman permalink*
      March 21, 2019 4:41 am

      It’s easy to say things and sometimes not so easy to take them back 😦

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  5. March 21, 2019 5:25 am

    ‘cellent Six, yo.
    Nicely paced and nothing like a sharp-angle close to hook the Reader!
    Welcome to the Six Sentence Story ‘hop!


    • Michael B. Fishman permalink*
      March 21, 2019 6:43 am

      Thank you, Clark, for the comment and the welcome!


  6. March 21, 2019 6:31 am

    This happens in real life. Ask Rose Kennedy. Wait, you can’t, she’s dead. Great six. Makes us realize we should think about what we say more often.


  7. Ennle Madresan permalink
    March 21, 2019 1:06 pm

    Oh wow, this was a great “6”–and thank you for reminding me of the blogger who hosts the prompt, as it’s one of my favorites…but I didn’t have it bookmarked 🙂


  8. Ennle Madresan permalink
    March 21, 2019 1:06 pm

    PS: Now, where’s my cookie?? 🙂


    • Michael B. Fishman permalink*
      March 21, 2019 5:52 pm

      I’m baking a fresh batch this weekend (no hemlock)!


  9. Pat Brockett permalink
    March 21, 2019 2:06 pm

    Great SSS! Sad to hear these kind of stories, because unfortunately there are some who have such regrets.


  10. March 21, 2019 4:21 pm

    Never leave with angry words, there will come a day you regret it. Well told!


  11. March 21, 2019 5:17 pm

    Oh, man, what a finish! Great Six. Wasn’t expecting that ending 😀
    Welcome to Six Sentence Stories!


  12. March 22, 2019 11:03 am

    Amen to that moral! Very well done! ❤

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  13. March 23, 2019 7:36 pm

    What’s Chrissy saying now? Regret I bet.

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    • Michael B. Fishman permalink*
      March 26, 2019 10:16 am

      Regret, or worse… 😦


  14. March 25, 2019 12:02 pm

    Oh my! This is a splendid 6!

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