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Tofulish Me

March 1, 2019

I was reading some tofu recipes this morning and one of them mentioned a “tofu press”. I thought a “tofu press”, huh? There’s actually a tofu press? When I make tofu I just put it between a kitchen towel, put a plate on top of that and some cans on top of that and gradually squeeze out the water. That works, but it’s not as perfect as I like so I thought, a “tofu press”, huh? I went to Amazon and found the “EZ Tofu Press” (I’m not an Amazon Associate so I don’t get any payment or anything if you click the product link. I’m just a guy who likes tofu and your appreciation and love and happiness should you buy it is the only payment I need.)

So at first I thought the tofu press looked like a medieval thumbscrew but after reading about it and watching the video, I decided that I need a tofu press so I got one. It should be delivered on Sunday so I’ll find out how it works on Sunday evening.

About the product video, I didn’t particularly like that the woman was wearing her ring while she was handling the tofu. I watch a lot of cooking videos and shows and it’s amazing to me how many cooks are wearing dirty rings when they’re handling the food. Or how many of them have dirty fingernails or even dirty looking fingers or even Band-Aids on their fingers. I don’t like to think about it, but can you imagine how many chefs or cooks are out there who are wearing dirty rings and Band-Aids and have dirty fingernails? If you do then you should try and stop because that’s not a pleasant line of thinking, and if you don’t, then don’t start. I’ll do the worrying for all of us.

It just oCURDed to me that I could share a tofu joke with you to close this thing out but I’d hate to do that and wind up making you laugh so hard that you ended up SOYling yourself.

If you have a favorite tofu recipe leave me a comment and let me know what it is.

Why these two songs? Because in the first she’s eating vegan food and in the second he’s a vegetarian. And like tofu, they’re both good.

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