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And the Earth Would Dance

February 28, 2018

If I could control all the world’s music for just 10 minutes I’d have everything: radio stations, TV stations, mp3 players, streaming services, satellites, Bluetooth headphones, computer/laptop/tablet speakers, loudspeakers, public and emergency broadcast systems, tuned to this song. Some people would immediately drop what they were doing and jump up and start dancing. Other people would see the smiles on the dancer’s faces – because you can’t dance without smiling, right? – and these people would smile too and their smiles would melt away any feelings of self-consciousness they might be experiencing until a few seconds had passed and those cautious people would stand up and dance as well. And other people who maybe can’t stand up and dance would roll or sway or rock or raise their arms or nod their heads to dance because dancing, as well as smiling, is contagious, and within a minute or so everyone in the world would have stopped what they were doing just a few seconds ago because they’d be smiling and dancing with each other. And after 10 minutes, when the song is over, everyone would stand around catching their breath and, still smiling, everyone would look around at everyone else and say, damn, but that was fun, wasn’t it?, and everyone else would nod their heads and agree, saying, yeah, it sure was. And while everyone was agreeing with everyone else, everyone would forget about going back to work or back to the television or back to the news program they were watching or listening to, or back to thinking about things they can’t control, or back to wherever it was they were going 10 minutes ago. Then someone would wonder, hey, why can’t we do that again?, and someone else would wonder, yeah, why can’t we do that again? and then everyone would wonder why they can’t do that again and then the music would start up again and the earth would dance. It could happen. Peace.

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  1. February 28, 2018 10:18 am

    If only…it deems some people are stone cold tone deaf.
    But I can groove on this riff for awhile. My choice…

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