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Minnesota: The Bold North

January 31, 2018

Minnesota’s motto for the Super Bowl has been, “The Bold North” and the website’s mission statement defines “The Bold North” as using US Bank Stadium to introduce the world to Minnesota’s “Bold North brand” by delivering a Super Bowl experience that delivers and an economic impact and a legacy that…


Oh, sorry, I fell asleep mid-paragraph.

Now I’m not an ad person or copywriter or anything like that (although I’m available!) but when I think about Minneapolis and St. Paul I don’t think about anything bold, I just think about two cool, and until this last month pretty much overlooked cities. I think of diversity, I think of an amazing variety of cultures, I think of arts, I think of music, I think of nature, I think of beauty, I think of blue skies, I think of blue waters, I think of skyways, I think of snow, I think of quality of life, I think of a lot of things but I never think of anything in terms of being ‘bold’. That’s not to say that I think Minnesotans are meek or fearful, quite the opposite, but to me, ‘bold’ speaks of something loud and pretentious, maybe pushy and arrogant, and I don’t think that’s us.

But that’s just me.

No one asked me and the slogan and “The Bold North” is here so I’ll embrace it as best I can and I’ll try and feel as bold as I can.

Like I said, I’m not a copywriter, but I think a better Super Bowl motto – or state slogan for that matter – might have been something like:

The Twin Cities
Like Winterfell only without swords

Come up North and lose your head

Here are some songs in case you want to listen to Minnesota.

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