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Day 16: Pizza Delivery

November 16, 2017

Day 16: Write a story involving money

Pizza Delivery (512 words)

I met Jane when she was delivering pizza for Gustino’s. It seemed that every time I ordered pizza she was handling deliveries that night. With familiarity came conversation and with conversation came an eventual date. Jane’s good looking, I’m not so good looking, so when we were waiting in the lobby of the Heights Theater for the 6:00 p.m. revival showing of Casablanca to let out I asked her what it was that made her agree to date me.

“You give good tips,” she said.

I thought it was a strange answer and I didn’t totally believe it, because, I mean, look at her: Jane’s good looking, did I tell you that already? And my experience is that women who look like Jane, who, if I haven’t already mentioned it, is pretty good looking, don’t seem to ever be interested in shlubs like me, but I nodded and smiled. Jane smiled back and maybe sensing that I didn’t totally buy her answer said, “And people who are generous to strangers, that’s a rare trait. And I like it.”

And that’s when I defied my pounding heart and that little persistent little voice in the front of my head and reached out and took her hand. When she squeezed my hand and smiled that little voice melted into the background.

We hit it off and started seeing each other regularly and after six weeks we decided to make our relationship exclusive which was more than cool with me. Sitting on the couch one Friday night watching Robert Mitchum in Out of the Past, we were chatting and sharing secrets and right after Mitchum fought Steve Brodie after Brodie tried blackmailing Mitchum and calling his girlfriend a “cheap piece of trash”, Jane told me about a fantasy of hers.

“You really want to hear it?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“It’s a little embarrassing, but OK. I think about delivering pizza to a house where a guy answers the door to accept the pizza wearing only a towel.”

Jane started laughing to cover up her embarrassment and I suggested that Sunday afternoon we make her pizza delivery fantasy a reality. “How so?” she asked and I told her that I’d call Gustino’s at 4:00 and order a pizza and when she delivered it I’d be Towel Boy.

Sunday comes and at 4:00 I make the call. I get undressed and wrap a towel around myself and sit back on the couch and wait. At 4:27 the doorbell rings – I’ll be damned if they ever go past that ’30 minutes or free’ time limit – and I stand up from the couch and walk to the door. As I’m reaching for the door I decide to give Jane a surprise that goes beyond our role playing so I pulled the towel off and let it fall to the floor and I took the last three steps to the door naked. I reached out and grabbed the handle and with a smile on my face I opened the door.

“Hi babe is that my… Mom? MOM!”

– End

What is FlashNano: “Created by Nancy Stohlman in 2012 in solidarity with NaNoWriMo. FlashNano is in its 6th year!” Click HERE to learn more.

(Please pardon any typos or grammatical errors. My goal at this point is to just get the story down. I can worry about fine-tuning and editing later if I want. Thanks for reading!)



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