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FlashNano Day 13: ????

November 13, 2017

FlashNano Day 13: Write a thirteen-word story

Day 13: Write a thirteen-word story

Thinking back to yesterday’s prompt about superstitions, I’m going to write two 13 word stories so I have, in effect, one 26 word story and not two 13 word stories because (not that I subscribe to any of that superstitious mumbo jumbo) then I won’t have a story with 13 words. I’m only thinking of my readers who might deal with triskaidekaphobia

To keep things interesting, one of the 13 word stories is good and positive and uplifting and one of the 13 word stories is bad and negative and depressing.

I’d ask you if you want the good story or the bad story first, but by the time I tallied the responses it’d be Day 14 so I’ll have to make the decision myself.

Ugh, decisions.

Never liked ’em.


I’m stalling now, can you tell?

(Thank you for not saying anything!)

I’m thinking…

Thinking isn’t always easy so give me a sec.

Or two.

Still thinking…

OK, I think I’ve got it.

Here we go –

Thirteen Words: The Bad

Prison’s no fun: eat, shit, survive. It’s still better than life with her.

Thirteen Words: The Good

“Love you.”
Just because. That’s her.
I smile and we kiss.

– End(s)

What is FlashNano: “Created by Nancy Stohlman in 2012 in solidarity with NaNoWriMo. FlashNano is in its 6th year!” Click HERE to learn more.

(Please pardon any typos or grammatical errors. My goal at this point is to just get the story down. I can worry about fine-tuning and editing later if I want. Thanks for reading!)




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