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Day 10: Then/Now

November 10, 2017

Day 10: Write a story that includes the number 10

Then/Now (74 words)

When I was 10 all I wanted was to have long hair like Paul McCartney, be a part of the Gemini Space Program and go up into space, and be older.

Now I’m old and all I want is for hair to grow on the top of my head instead of the top of my ears, not have to get up from the couch and go to the bathroom so much, and be 10.

– End

What is FlashNano: “Created by Nancy Stohlman in 2012 in solidarity with NaNoWriMo. FlashNano is in its 6th year!” Click HERE to learn more.

(Please pardon any typos or grammatical errors. My goal at this point is to just get the story down. I can worry about fine-tuning and editing later if I want. Thanks for reading!)

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