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Minneapolis Skyway: #1

September 21, 2017

Minneapolis Skyway: #1

I work downtown Minneapolis and every day I try and make it a point to go for a walk through the skyway system. These “Minneapolis Skyway” entries are some of the things I see and hear and think.

This found conversation occurred this morning as I slowed down behind two women as we’re all walking down the five steps between the Canadian Pacific Plaza and the Rand Tower. I arrive in the middle of the conversation as the woman on the left says, “…and I’m really glad he didn’t go down there or I never would have gotten to sleep last night.”


The Minneapolis skyway system is a 9 mile above ground pedestrian walkway that connects nearly every downtown Minneapolis building over nearly 70 blocks. The skyways are climate controlled so they’re generally not too hot and not too cold and they’re filled with many small businesses. From restaurants and coffee shops to clothing stores and flower shops, from boutiques and dry cleaners and tailors, to a medical clinic and a physical therapy office. You’ll find chair massages, beauty and barber shops, hotels, jewelers, liquor stores, grocery stores, some art galleries, theaters and at least two museums and, if you’re lucky, a talented busker, all while walking through some of Minneapolis’ most historic buildings. And if that’s not enough, you can do it all while being safe from the insanity that makes up downtown drivers. Not to mention while being safe from the rain and the snow we sometimes get in Minneapolis. Despite the convoluted grumblings of some folks to remove all the skyways in order bring energy back to the streets and shoppers back into downtown retail, I personally hope they stay right where they are and continue to branch out.

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