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A different brand of baseball

September 18, 2017

This is too bad because I miss “old style” baseball where you strategized and used player and managerial skills to create and earn runs. Baseball, for me, as a power sport is not as good or as much fun as baseball as a finesse sport. Sure, home runs are fun, especially when it’s Joe Mauer hitting a Grand Slam like he did yesterday, but I’d much rather watch a game where runs were created by actually playing baseball than a guy throwing as hard as he can to a guy who’s swinging as hard as he can.

“The game has changed. From when I started, there’s a lot less stolen bases, there’s a lot less bunting, there’s a lot less hitting-and-running. You don’t give outs away, and you let guys swing the bat.” – New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi

From Ronald Blum at the Associated Press: “Smashing: MLB home run record set to fall Tuesday “

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