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The Silver Lining in Irma

September 11, 2017

If one can find the silver lining in the devastation caused by hurricane Irma, it’s that she kept Mr. Trump off the news for a few days. Like a lot of other people, I spent a bunch of time this weekend bouncing between CNN, MSNBC and The Weather Channel and I was pleased not to have to hear him him mentioned or see him even once. I’m not trying to make light of what happened, what’s happening and what’s going to happen down in Florida, it’s just that three days without hearing or seeing Mr. Trump is a big deal in my world.

On a side note to the relentless media coverage this weekend, it seems odd to me that while the police, the mayors, the governor, two senators and the National Hurricane Center were urging people to evacuate – and for those who didn’t evacuate to stay inside – the news stations couldn’t get teams of reporters down there and on the streets fast enough.

Such is life and it’s just one more thing I don’t understand.

“The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson




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