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Minnesota Twins: business as usual & looking ahead

July 13, 2017

With the break after the All Star Game I can’t watch baseball so I’ll talk about it baseball

Minnesota Twins executive vice president and chief baseball operator Derek Falvey talking to “…but we would be very open to spending aggressively on assets that we could use to propel our team forward this year and for years to come.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the way the Minnesota Twins baseball franchise has historically approached the game, here’s my translation to that comment: We’re happy where we’re at and we’re not spending any big money on free agents or making any trades that involve rent-a-players and are only interested in young, untested and unproven players (read: pitchers) who won’t be arbitration eligible for at least a year and who are three to five years away from free agency.

And a further translation would be: A somewhat average team that relies more on luck and the whims of the schedule than talent and experience.

And a final translation: More of the same old stuff.

I don’t know anything about Derek Falvey, but somehow I have trouble trusting anyone who refers to human beings as “assets”.

The Twins (45-43) begin the second half of the season 2.5 games behind Cleveland. Cleveland (47-40) goes to Oakland (39-50) tomorrow for three and then on to San Francisco (34-56) for three. We go to Houston (60-29) for three and then come home for three against the Yankees (45-41).

Prediction on how many games we’ll be ahead or behind Cleveland in the standings on 07/20?

The second half interleague schedule isn’t a good one for the Twins.

Between 07/24 and 08/20 we play three out west against the Dodgers (61-29), four (home and away) against the Brewers (50-41) and three at home against the Diamondbacks (53-36).

Prediction on how many games we’ll be ahead or behind Cleveland inthe standings on 08/21?

While remaining optimistic about the team and hoping I’m wrong, I don’t think the Twins will be buyers at the trade deadline.

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