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Designated Survivor

May 15, 2017
I finally watched last week’s episode of Designated Survivor and I have to say that while I think this is one of the most hackneyed, implausible and contrived TV shows I’ve ever watched, it’s a tremendous amount of fun. My partial thanks for that fun go to Italia Ricci and (a little help here) whoever it is who plays Aaron’s cousin.
My biggest problem with the show – other than it’s silly – is that it’s really two shows in one. Half the show is a political drama and the other half is a government conspiracy action thriller. Sure, I like both halves, but I think they take away from each other and personally I’d prefer if it was just one or the other. I mean how can we care about Hannah’s predicament when we’re concerned about Kirkman’s political initiatives? And how can we care about Kirkman’s political initiatives when we’re worried about Hannah’s predicament?
Here are 10 random thoughts as we prepare for the action-packed (and probably slightly confusing) season one finale this week:
1) That guy from Montana, Senator Bowman, I think he’s great. He’s the perfect character you love to hate.
2) In a show of mini-cliffhangers, I thought this last one with Hannah surrounded by bombs ready to blow up and government agents ready to take her down was pretty cool.
3) Is Jason dead? I don’t know, but my guess is that like Nestor Lozano, it doesn’t matter on this show if someone appears to be dead.
4) Is there not a better actor in Hollywood than Rob Morrow to play the role of the crusty journalist? I don’t know if I should laugh or cry when I watch him. This might be a moot point because the bad guys said something about him having served his purpose so he might be killed off in the season finale.
5) I think this show could be a lot better if they replaced the overly subdued Kiefer Sutherland with Sylvester Stallone.
6) If #4 isn’t possible, then how about turning that Secret Service guy named Mike, into Gerard Butler from Olympus Has Fallen and setting him loose?
6a) But hold off on #5 because I’m not 100% convinced at this point that Mike isn’t working for the bad guys.
7) And who exactly are the bad guys and what is their goal?
8) Speaking of the bad guys: Patrick Lloyd and the “True Believers” would be more entertaining if they weren’t so frightfully reminiscent of current events. I want to watch this show to escape reality, not to be reminded of what I have to see when I turn it off and go back to the news.
9) You know how Captain Kirk always was getting his shirt torn in episodes of Star Trek? Why can’t the same thing happen once in a while to Maggie Q?
10) Is it possible to bring in Aaron Sorkin for season two to write the show.
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