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Waiting for Buxton

April 13, 2017

Waiting for Byron Buxton to finally arrive in the majors is almost as painfully slow and boring as waiting for Godot.

Anyway . . .

This is for Byron Buxton fans. Or for anyone who likes torturing themselves.

“The problem isn’t just a heavy dose of breaking or off-speed stuff, either; at this point, pitchers are just blowing fastballs right by him. And while it’s too early to overreact to a week’s worth of action, the Twins have to be worried that so far, Buxton’s approach has been a complete mess…” – Jon Tayler, Sports Illustrated, 04/12/2017

For Jon’s complete column please click HERE.

I’m not sure where Twins coaches are through all of this, or where they’ve been for the last year or so, but my guess is that they’re there and they’ve tried and Buxton listens and nods and tries but he just can’t adjust. Translation: head case.

As long as the only enjoyable thing a Twins fan can do during the season is dream about the future, it’s time to start focusing on shortstop Nick Gordon. Nick Gordon is the shortstop of the future and after a week at Class AA Chattanooga  he’s hitting .320/.357/.797 with one homer. His dad is Tom Gordon, an All Star who was a Rookie of the Year runner-up in 1989 and pitched in the majors for over 20 years, and his brother is All Star infielder Dee Gordon. While a player’s bloodline ultimately means little, I’m not going to rule out genetics as a potential plus so the future holds promise.

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