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A Poem for a Minnesota Winter Morning

December 8, 2016

Minnesota has been lucky to enjoy above-average temperatures so far this winter, but it’s starting get cold now. And with the lower temps and higher winds, I guess that means 40 degree days are gone and winter is finally here.

Walking to work this morning it was cold and I came up with this little poem while I was waiting at a red light to cross the street.

If you have long underwear –
today’s the day
that you may
want to start to wear them.

That’s it. Thanks for reading and stay warm!

“Stay warm”. That’s such a Minnesota-ism and I didn’t realize I had even used it until I was proofreading this. For at least five months out of every year it’s got to be right up there with, “Yeah, sure” and “You betcha and “and stuff”.

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