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Not For Me: Natural Healthy Concepts

December 1, 2016

I’m all for the convenience of online shopping, so a couple of years ago when I needed some vitamins I thought why go up to Walgreens or Target when I can order them online. So I found a place in Wisconsin called Natural Healthy Concepts and I placed my order and everything was good. I had no complaints with the company and when I ran out I even bought a second order from them.

So flash forward a year-and-however-many-days and here I am with daily spam from Natural Healthy Concepts which, as I’m sure you know, is annoying. Simple solution though, just click on the unsubscribe button and all is well, right? Not with Natural Healthy Concepts it’s not. Click on their unsubscribe button and you’re taken to the email subscription preferences page that displays your email address and shows the radio button for “Unsubscribe me from all promotional emails.” button already selected for you. A simple click on the green “Save Changes” button should be all it takes, but no. Clicking on that button gives you a little error pop-up window that tells you: “Whoops! Looks like we had trouble communication [sic] with the server. Sorry about that. If it happens again please contact us.”

So maybe you do what I do and you contact the vendor. And then maybe what’ll happen to you is what happened to me and you never get a reply from the vendor and the daily spam piles up. And then maybe you do what I do and you contact them three times because you think banging your head against a brick wall is fun, and three times you receive their automated reply that tells you: “Thank you for contacting!  One of our Customer Care representatives will answer your request as soon as possible.  Our goal is to answer emails within 2 business days.” but you find that no one contacts you back and nothing changes. And then maybe you do what I finally did and you give up and simply block their email address.

Yes, I could have simply blocked their email address at the beginning and been done with it but I shouldn’t have to do that. This is a company in business to sell to customers, and part of selling to customers – in my book – is servicing customers, and I wanted service from Natural Healthy Concepts and I never received it.

Bottom line for me is that while Natural Healthy Concepts gave me a product I was shopping for and shipped it to me quickly, despite their slick looking, albeit malfunctioning, website, they’re a company I can’t trust because they’re obviously not there for me unless they can sell me something and that’s not the type of customer service I’m looking for from a vendor so they’re a company that I’ll never buy from again. There are far too many other online companies out there to buy from who actually care about their customer’s needs that extends beyond a sale and I won’t deal with one, like Natural Healthy Concepts, that doesn’t provide that type of customer care. If you’re in the market for an online vitamin retailer I advise you to steer away from Natural Healthy Concepts and find one that cares and is willing to service your needs and treat you with the respect you deserve.

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