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I see clearly

September 15, 2016

I liked this and I thought it was worth sharing. In a negative world these are some very positive and uplifting thoughts and affirmations.


My eyes heal with ease and grace, in perfect reformation as my doctor and nurses watch with awe. My vision is flawless. Crystal clear like a diamond.

I have clarity as I walk forward into this next chapter in my life.

There is nothing obscured. My view is pristine with vivid color and distinct framework of every shape and character and object.

I am one with the source of all that I see. I am the source. I am connected to all I see and I gaze upon the bright, clear world with love. I accept the vision of my right and true path without fear of what lies before me.

The universe is perfection and presents to me exactly what I need to see to move along this venture. I do not deny what is in my sights. I accept and embrace without judgment or attachment. I am solid…

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