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The Work Fridge

July 26, 2016

This week, Michelle at The Daily Post challenges us to find the “Cherry On Top” and share a picture “that makes a good thing better”.

It sounded easier than it was. I went to the lake, Minneapolis has some great (if not a little bit crowded) lakes: nothing. I went to a park, Minneapolis has some great parks: nothing. A restaurant: nothing. The grocery store: nothing. I looked at people and I looked flowers and I looked at trees and I looked at clouds (admittedly from just one side): nothing. I went lots of places and looked at lots of things and came up with a lot of bupkis. Poor me.

And then I came to work.

I’m sure everyone who works outside the home has a refrigerator horror story to share and the most recent one here is a rash of overnight thefts of people’s food. In truth, it’s difficult for me to focus on anyone who has their food stolen out of the refrigerator here because I still can’t get my head around the fact that people actually put their food into the filthy thing, but . . .

So I’m warming up a cup of coffee in the microwave this morning and because I’m nosy I look in the refrigerator and am comforted to see that it’s as cluttered and filthy as always. Then I look in the freezer and I see this pile of food stacked in the corner with a little note stuck on top and when I read that note – boom, lightbulb – I realized that I’d found my ‘cherry on top’.


Thanks for stopping by and please click HERE to go and see other responses to the prompt.

So there was a cherry on top and here’s a cherry on the bottom in memory of the great J.J. Cale.

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  1. July 26, 2016 9:50 am

    Eew, I wouldn’t want the cherry that came out of any work fridge. No telling how old it is!



  1. Cherry on top (Front) | What's (in) the picture?

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