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What’s That Up There?

July 13, 2016

This was a difficult challenge for me because I generally interpret thede challenges literally and I get dizzy when I tilt my head back and look up. So, needless to say (if it’s needless then why say it? he thought to himself), I didn’t spend much time these last five days looking up for a picture.

This is a picture taken at my gym of the pull-up/dip machine. Those six skinny bars, three on each side, you see at the top are what you grab onto to (try and) do a pull-up. The theory is the different handle positions work different muscles when someone (who actually can) does a pull-up. Me, I do a sort of pull-up but that’s a topic for another time. I thought of playing with this and darkening the overhead lights but then I thought that they add a sort of spiritual tone to the whole thing. Like trying to pull yourself toward the light – however you define “the light” – but it’s not easy, and often very difficult and painful.


The song below is a better example of “Look Up”. It’s from 1970 which is just one year before 1971 which is the year David Hepworth argues was the best year for rock music. Click the link –> LINK <– to read the article or listen to the 7:49 audio. If you like rock music and you’re anywhere around my age then you’ll enjoy the story.

Back to the song. Even though this album came out in 1970 I listened to it all the time in 1971.  It’s a great song from a great album that I still listen to 16 years later and every song still holds up today.

“The alternative to truth is hypocrisy, if you want to choose the latter you won’t never be free. Go slow.”

And please click on the word “challenge” up at the top to see the other pictures from some truly great photographers.

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