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When Baseball Reality Hits Home

April 15, 2016
Here’s a sad Minnesota Twins reality to help begin a beautiful Minnesota spring weekend – –
Starting the season 0-9 means if the Twins played .500 ball for the remaining 153 games they’d finish – rounding up for optimism – with only 77 wins. If they should manage to play .550 ball they’ll end up with 85 wins which is slightly better than last year’s 83 wins (.512 winning percentage). Since it’s unlikely the Twins will play at, or above, .500 ball for the remaining 153 games, or if they do that an 83-79 would be good enough to win the AL Central, what this means is that the 2016 season is, for all intents and purposes, over on April 15th.
“It’s probably about the worst-case scenario for us to start a season, and we know that.” Trevor Plouffe.
Not depressing enough? Here’s this from yesterday: “According to STATS research, the last big league team to lose its first nine games was Detroit in 2003, when the Tigers finished 43-119.”
Of course none of this means that we can’t enjoy #MNTwins baseball simply for the sake of the beauty of baseball, or that we can’t enjoy playing at being an armchair manager. It’s just a little sad that this reality would hit home so soon. Go Twins!
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