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Write Now Prompt: “The Winner”

January 8, 2016

At Today’s Author, our first goal is to get you (and us) to write. Write Now is our own collection of prompts to help you do that. With Write Now we’re not talking about writing, or trying to teach anyone how to write. Write Now is all about putting pen to paper.

Today’s Prompt:

He stared in disbelief at the little slip of paper in his hand as the winning lottery numbers were read.

 How to play along with our Writing Prompts

  1. Write in any format or style you wish: short story, poem, script – whatever you like.
  2. Write for at least 5 minutes. There is no time limit – write for as long as you wish!
  3. Editing is not required, though we do recommend that you run a spell check at least.
  4. Post your work to your blog and include a link back here so your readers can find other writer’s work, too.
  5. Come back here and provide a link to your work on the Write Now! prompt for which it was written.
  6. Read other authors’ posts and leave constructive comments.


The Winner

He stared in disbelief at the little slip of paper in his hand as the winning lottery numbers were read.

“What’cha thinking about”

Holding the lottery ticket so tight that he could feel his pulse in his fingertips he said, “What do you think?”

“You know you don’t have a chance of winning, right?”

“Killjoy. I never thought I’d win you.”

“Don’t make me sound like some sort of prize or some type of cliché,” she laughed.

“You’re an ass, you know what I’m talking about. Now be quiet, will ‘ya? I wanna get these number. Your future life of luxury and an end to homelessness depends on it”

“You know the odds of winning the lottery?”

“Yeah, I do, they’re . . .”

“50/50 . . .”

“Right, I either win or I lose.”

“Sometimes I wonder why I married you.”

“Because you knew I’d make you rich once I won the lottery. Doesn’t matter, moot point now,” he said as he pressed the remote to turn off the TV. “Didn’t win.”

He crumpled the ticket into a little ball.

“Not even your two dollars back?”


“Don’t you mean “moo”?”


“You said “moot point”, but don’t you mean “moo”, like it a ‘moo point’.

He looked lost. “Didn’t you ever watch Friends?”

“Sure, what about it.”

“That one Thanksgiving episode where Rachel’s work assistant, some good looking guy she’s interested in, is over to dinner and she asks Monica and Phoebe about the appropriate amount of time for a woman to wait after a break-up before making a move on a new guy.

Phoebe said a month and Monica thought it should be three to four months. Joey, who’d been listening to their conversation said, “Half hour”.” Joey tells Rachel that the important thing to know is if the guy likes her because if he doesn’t then the whole thing – the discussion – is a moo point. Rachel didn’t understand his misuse of the word and he explains that it’s like a cow’s opinion; it doesn’t matter: it’s ‘moo’.”

“You’re crazy, you know that?”

“I do. Now tell me something I don’t know, Mr. Lottery Man.”



Your turn to play! Be sure to leave me a link back in the comments.

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