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Someone’s Knockin’ At The Door.

July 8, 2015

This week’s Daily Post photo prompt from WordPress is “Door”.

At first I thought of simply taking a picture of one of my eyes because, you know, eyes are the doorway to the soul, and blah, blah, blah. But an abstract, metaphysical response to the prompt didn’t seem all that interesting, plus I don’t know that I need a close-up picture of my eye to see any new wrinkles I don’t regularly see so I got in the car and went out looking for a door to photograph. You know what? There’s a heck of a lot of doors out there, and while I never would have believed this before driving around actually looking at doors, quite a few of them are interesting.

I didn’t want to just aimlessly drive around the city so I headed for the Minneapolis Institute of Arts because I knew they have a really cool door. It’s wooden (Yeah, I know, yawn…) but there’s like three flights of stairs leading up to it and they’re flanked by two large concrete lions sitting up on giant pedestals and the door itself is under this triangular awning type of thing and it’s behind five cool looking dorics or columns or pillars or whatever they are. Think Rocky Balboa running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and you’ll get the picture. Or if you google ‘Minneapolis Institute of Arts door’ you’ll find a bunch of pictures of the door.

So I’m standing there looking at the door and I said to no one in particular, “This door is cool, but it’s been photographed thousands of times before and there’s nothing very special about it to make me want to be the next guy in line to take a picture of it.” So I left and start driving and two and a half blocks away I drove past what I thought was a cool door and here it is:


This is a place called Fallout and I’d never heard of it before so I looked it up when I got home and it sounds like a really interesting place. I hope they don’t mind my sharing a picture of their unique front door.

And, OK, eyes are the doorway to the soul so here’s an old picture of mine. Dig those sideburns, huh?

These Eyes

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