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Donald Trump

June 30, 2015

Donald Trump, back in 2011, despite acknowledging that President Obama was “probably” born in the United States, still went on to question the President’s birthplace. Said Trump: “If you’re going to be president of the United States, it says very profoundly you have to be born in this country.

Now that Mr. Trump is once again himself running for president of the country he says is a laughingstock, I’m less prone to ask for him to prove that he himself was born in this country, but that he was, in fact, born on this planet.

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  1. June 30, 2015 4:12 pm

    I’m less inclined to think of Trump’s country as a laughing stock as much as I think of Trump himself as a laughing stock after sitting through his I’m-running-for-president speech. What a bigoted, racist, elitist, self-entitled, bag of wind. Hopefully the voters are smart enough to see that and not make the mistake of voting for him.

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  2. June 30, 2015 9:06 pm


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