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“Y”: Blogging From A to Z Challenge

April 29, 2015

Back in December 2013 I submitted a short story in response to a call for submissions for the 2015 St. Paul Almanac. In April 2014 I found out my story had been accepted for publication which was cool. Cool to be accepted and cool to share space alongside some very talented writers and artists like Walt Whitman and Garrison Keillor and other people you probably haven’t heard of but should.

So two days ago, on April 27th, I got an email from a staff member of the St. Paul Almanac telling me that my story has been chosen to be re-published in the upcoming Saint Paul Almanac’s 10 year retrospective edition. That’s not just cool, that’s very cool!

So since today is “Y” day in the blogging challenge, “Y” stands for YIPPEE!

If you want to have a 2015 St. Paul Almanac for your very own bookshelf you can find one HERE.

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