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“X”: Blogging From A to Z Challenge

April 28, 2015

Not many words out there that begin with an X. And that makes sense really because what is the letter “X” other than a symbol? All the words I know that begin with the letter “X” sound like they should be spelled with a “Z”, and the words that end in “X”, or have an “X” in the middle, well, they could all be spelled with”KS”.

I have a solution to the “X” problem which is why I advocate SEX. Do you think you’re ready to SEX? With me? If you’d like to join me in SEX then I welcome you with open arms; the more the merrier as they say, eh? Maybe this – a blog post – is an odd way to find others to join me in SEX, but desperate times, you know? So, what do you say, are you ready for SEX because if you are let’s SEX right now!

* Simply Eliminate X

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