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Day 22 – “V”: Blogging From A to Z Challenge

April 25, 2015

Welcome to day 22 and the letter “V”.

Today’s topic: good things come to those who wait, or “V” is for Victory!

Standing in line at the grocery store this morning I saw Jennifer Aniston looking back at me from the cover of Star Magazine. This blazing headline was printed in huge yellow letters: “IT’S OVER!”

Beneath that bit of golden-colored good news was a direct quote from Jennifer Aniston (also in caps so I have a feeling she means it) herself: “I’LL RAISE THIS BABY ALONE”

It seems that the news everyone – or at least me – has been waiting for has finally happened. I knew if I wanted long enough she’d see that Justin-mistergoodfornothingwhateverhisgoofynameiswhocanpronounceitanyway for what he is and send him packing and, friends, that time has finally arrived.

Just as good things come to those who wait, it’s also true that if you snooze you lose which means this is probably the time for me to make my move, so… Jennifer – call me!

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