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Grey’s Anatomy

April 24, 2015

Anyone watch Grey’s Anatomy? I thought last night’s episode was terrible. I say terrible because I didn’t like what happened but I also didn’t like the way it happened or how it was handled. I could criticize the writing – all the foreshadowing and playing with our emotions bordered on being obnoxious, but what’s the point. It was written the way it was written, it happened the way it happened and now it’s over. I thought it stunk and I thought it was all done without a thought to the fans.

Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes says on her Twitter bio, “Remember, it’s not real, okay?”. I think maybe Shonda needs to remember that while her characters aren’t real, she presents them to us as real, and just in case she didn’t know, or stop to realize, WE are real. The characters might not be real, but like in any work of fiction we relate to them in the context of the fictional story as real and we identify with them. Do what you want with them, but we deserve better.

For better or worse, through silly plot lines and ratings-grabbing twists and heavy-handed emotional manipulation, the heart and soul of Grey’s Anatomy has always been the relationship between Meredith and Derek and without that relationship Grey’s Anatomy is just another TV show.

I’ve been watching Grey’s since the beginning and I’ll watch next week because I feel obligated to be there since I’ve known the guy for 11 years, but then I’m done. I won’t be back for more.

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